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Publication Review

Title: I-Joist Stairwell Opening Framing
Author: APA, 2001
File: Free Booklet, PDF 139 KB, 8 pages
Audience: Written for builders, designers, and homeowners with some prior knowledge of traditional wood framing.

description of the main issues in optimum value engineering (OVE). These strategies can increase energy efficiency and durability while reducing the amount of wood used and framing costs. Considered an Energy Star compatible advanced framing technique.

Issues covered include:

  • stair opening framing in i-joist floor framing
  • header types and sizing charts

Detail drawings & graphics include:

  • stair opening framing diagrams

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I-Joist Guide: Performance Rated I-Joists is a more in-depth text about floor framing with i-joists, but does not cover stair openings.

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