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Let’s be real, much of the information on Buildwise comes from viewers like you. As such, this site is for entertainment purposes only. Sometimes this information even appears to be educational. But in no way are we rendering real advice. We don’t claim any information is correct or complete. But we do claim it is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of this information. In other words, all information is provided on an “as is” basis without warranty or other obligation.  All risk of use lies with the user. Because Buildwise LLC is not engaged in providing architectural, engineering, design, consulting or other professional services of any kind through this site. And home building is dependent on local conditions. Any user requiring such services is advised to seek the assistance of a local competent professional, assuming you can find one. Even if you can’t, your use of this site does not give rise to a client, advisory, fiduciary or professional services relationship between you and Buildwise LLC.

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