150gravitarHi, I’m Todd Remington, the current executive editor and a writer for Buildwise. Over the past 30 years I’ve been an architect, builder, researcher and homeowner. Yet,  I don’t claim to be an expert in home-building. I like reading, writing and talking about it though.  Hopefully you do too. Home is the largest investment most of us have. More importantly, home is the one place that reflects our future dreams and daily realities. Why wouldn’t we seek to design and build this special place wisely?

The Buildwise Mission
Helping anyone and everyone build wisely is our mission. The home-building industry is complicated and opaque. Buildwise seeks transparency by demystify this industry for all, especially homeowners and sympathetic professionals.

The History of Buildwise
Buildwise started in 2005 as an online library of building science. Back then our goal was disseminating research about good building practices and techniques.

We eventually realized most building research isn’t user-friendly for building professionals or homeowners. Recently Buildwise has changed focus. We’re now committed to making the latest research and industry news accessible for all. A new mission furthered through crowd sourcing, humorous commentary and interpretation by enlightened industry insiders.

Contacting Buildwise
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Nuts & Bolts
Buildwise is built and maintained on the WordPress (PHP & MySQL) platform by our staff. This website is super charged by the great folks at Creative Minds. If you want special features like tooltips on your website visit cminds.com.

Our content comes from many sources, especially people like you:

  • Posts, articles and guides are written by the Buildwise editorial staff, informed homeowners and building pros. Maybe you have a great idea to share.
  • Reviews and Q&A pages are crowd sourced by users of this site, promoting transparency and unbiased information. So please comment and rate everything.
  • The Buildwise News Service provides breaking news from multiple news services filtered to include only home building articles. It’s what our editorial staff uses to stay informed and you can too.